Short bio

MSc in Computer Science, and a Assistent Professor at the Federal Institute of Alagoas (IFAL), Brazil. Nowadays, Kenji is a Ph.D. student at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil, researching about Grey Literature in Software Engineering.

In 2012 he holds a master’s degree in Computer Science at the Center of Informatic (CIn) at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), in 2012. In 2009 he holds a bachelor’s degree in System Information at the Faculty of Alagoas (FAL) and in 2006 he concludes a computer technician course at the Federal Center of Education of Alagoas (CEFET-AL).

Kenji since the beginning of his career, he always loved to work with software engineering methods, mainly in relation to Agile methods, such as XP, TDD, and Scrum. Fernando started worked with computer programming using Delphi in 2004. Before, he works with PHP, Java web, and .Net. Also using with support the PL/SQL and Forms/Reports.

Kenji worked as a consultant in Recife, Brazil, employing practices and techniques of software process improvement to help software companies to achieve the maturity level of CMMi and MPS.Br. He always used Agile methods as support to achieve those goals, mainly in relation to Scrum, adapting it according to the particularity of each company.

Research interests

  • Empirical Software Engineering methods
  • Social aspects of software engineering
  • Agile methods
  • Software quality

Contact me

  • fernando.kenji[at]ifal.edu.br